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 The Role of the Parish Council
Barlow Parish Council has seven members and exists to help residents and be a point of contact for ideas and suggestions for improvements in the village. A parish council is the smallest and most localised tier of local government in the UK and is a properly constituted local authority. The powers and duties, and the manner in which a parish council operates is laid out in local government statute and regulations. The Parish Council has legal responsibilities as an employer, and owner of public land and buildings.
The work of the seven members of the Council is voluntary, and the members give their time freely to help enhance the village and support its other organisations, for the benefit of all residents.
The abilities of a parish council to raise (through the village precept on the Council Tax) and spend money is very tightly regulated, as is the manner in which members of a council must conduct themselves ( this is set out in a document agreed by the council from time to time known as Standing Orders.) The Council prepares an annual budget and raises money (shown as part of the council tax) which it uses towards the upkeep of the village.
The Council works with Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council on matters such as Roads, Footpaths, Planning Applications, Litter Bins and Street Cleansing, and is a member of Brayton & District Burial Authority.
Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council tend to listen and (sometimes) respond to the Parish Council as representatives of local residents. If you have issues with those authorities, and feel we can help with your problem please let us know. Under the Freedom of information Act any elector may make reasonable requests for information on the Council as detailed in our Publication Scheme. Please refer to the Clerk.

Planning Please use the link below  :   

Village Design Statement 2012 
Village Design Statement (VDS) is a term used in English rural planning practice. A VDS is a document that describes the distinctive characteristics of the locality, and provides design guidance to influence any future development and improve the physical qualities of the area.
The local planning authority (Selby District Council) sends all planning applications that affect Barlow to the Parish Council for their consideration and comment. The Parish Council may make comments about an application to the Planning Authority, who may or may not take them into account, but the Parish Council does not make planning decisions. The Parish Council's comments upon individual planning applications considered at meetings are included in their minutes.

Details of planning applications affecting a property are posted up in public by the planning authority close to that property, usually on bright yellow paper. Full details of planning applications also appear on Selby District Council's Public Access web site, and you can also make comments on applications through this site.

If you have submitted a planning application or have an objection, and you wish to make representations directly to the planning authority you must contact Selby District Council who will advise you of the procedure for this. You may also make comment to the Parish Council at the appropriate meeting, but the Council is not obliged to pass on any such comments to the planning authority. The Parish Clerk will be able to tell you when a particular application is due to come before the Parish Council.

The Parish Council remains of the view (together with the majority of residents) that there has been enough large development for the time being. It is now looking to the Selby District Council to slow the rate of multi-property developments in the village for the next few years. The Council will continue to resist large development behind the line of the existing ribbon development. The Council has also raised its concern, in connection with new development about the poor efficiency of the local drain and sewerage system, and road infrastructure. Click here to link to Selby District Council's web site for Planning. For current planning applications before the Parish Council, please see the minutes

Barlow Playing Fields and Village Hall
The Parish Council owns the playing fields on Park Lane, on which are situated the village hall and club. The Council manages the playing fields and the village hall. The club is managed by its own members' committee. The Council also manages the playground off Park Road which it rents from Selby District Council. The Council also owns and maintains the village green. It is responsible for grass cutting on all these areas, as well as some roadside verges.