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Through this website we hope to keep all residents informed about village affairs, plus details of the Parish Council and its activities.  We also want the website to reflect the life of our village and provide interesting articles about its community, history and culture.  If you would like to put any information, pictures or articles relevant to Barlow and its surroundings on this website, please contact the parish clerk.



Playing Field Redevelopment Project 

A group of volunteer residents are progressing with a project to improve the facilities in the village to provide safe spaces for our children to exercise. The initial provision will be a bike track on the Park Lane playing field, situated opposite the village hall building, away from the residential properties backing onto the field. 

 Please see link below for research undertaken 

Pump Track Research 

Further details to follow once designs are finalised 



Following the decision at the July Parish Council meeting to have a village vote regarding the proposed bicycle pump track, the Parish Council have made enquires regarding the process with the Returning Officer at Selby District Council.

The feedback from the Democratic Services Officer is as follows;

1. The rules governing local referendum votes are set out in The Parish and Community Meetings (Polls) Rules 1987. Accordingly:

2. A parish or community poll can only be demanded at a parish/community meeting, not at a meeting of the parish council.

3. The parish/community meeting must agree and vote on the wording of the question to be put to the electorate.

4. The District Returning Officer fixes the date of the poll, which shall not be earlier than 14 days and not later than 25 days after the day on which the poll is demanded.

5. Polling is only in person at the designated polling station between the hours of 4pm and 9 pm; there are no poll cards and no provision for absent voting (postal or proxies).

6. The costs associated with the vote must be recharged to the parish/community council. The indications we have received suggest the cost of holding the vote may be in the region of £2,000.

7. The result of the vote is not binding on the parish/community council.

Additionally, the guidance from the Association of Electoral Administrators is;

"Extraordinary parish meetings can be arranged at any time by a parish chairman, or by two parish councillors, or by six or more local government electors”

With that in mind Cllr Thrall (Chairman) & Cllr Spofford (Vice-Chair) are requesting a Parish meeting to be held in the Village Hall (or Club depending on availability) at 7pm on Wednesday 31st August.

At that meeting (which all residents of the village are entitled to attend) a vote will have to be taken on the proposal to have a local referendum on the proposed bicycle pump track.

If the vote is in favour of a referendum the meeting must agree the wording of the question to go on the ballot paper. If the vote goes in favour of holding a referendum, the proposed referendum date is Tuesday 13th September, although the Returning Officer at Selby will have the final say on the date subject to the above guidelines mentioned in point 4.

It is also worth pointing out that as the Parish Council did vote in favour of a referendum at the July meeting, regarding point 7 above, both Cllr Thrall and Cllr Spofford will propose and recommend that the Parish council accept the decision of the Parish meeting and that any subsequent referendum result will be considered as binding by the Parish Council.

Due to the likely costs of holding a referendum, there will be no leaflet drops in the village regarding this matter, this communication will be posted on both Parish Notice Boards, the Parish Council website, the Barlow Village community Facebook page and Barlow Club Facebook page for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the meeting.