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Speed Limit Sign

Village Issues

Speeding There are many blind bends on our narrow lanes and often with no footpaths,  so please act with courtesy to all road users and help to make our roads safe, drive with care and respect the 30mph speed limit.

Parking Could you please think about the possible implications to pedestrians, particularly those with children or the disabled when you cause an obstruction by parking your vehicle on pavements.

Parking at Barlow School Please remember it is an offence to park on the zig-zag lines outside the school. Park Road is very narrow outside the school gate, but there is a wider  bay further along, which is only some 50 metres away, rather than park at the school gate. This makes the area a whole lot safer for you, your child, and others.  

Dogs We ask that you keep your dog on a lead at all times when in public spaces. Can we also remind all dog walkers to make sure that they clean up after their dogs and take waste home or use the bins provided. 

Open Spaces There is a bye-law in place making it an offence to drive or park any motor vehicles or caravans on the playing fields or village green.

Hedges and Trees As a courtesy to pedestrians could all overhanging hedges etc, which border footpaths, please be kept trimmed.